Lunenburg Industrial Sites

Lunenburg Industrial Sites:
Lunenburg County, Virginia is the home of four (4) Industrial Sites, which range from 20.95 acres to 97 acres.
  1. Lunenburg Commercentre- 97 acres
  2. Lunenburg-Victoria Industrial Site- 28 acres
  3. Lunenburg County Airport Site- 25 acres
  4. KV Road Industrial Site- 20.95 acres
To learn more, visit Virginia Economic Development Partnership's (VEDP) website. Once you are on VEDP's website, follow the following steps to view the sites in Lunenburg County, Virginia:
  1. Select filters;
  2. Sites/Land under "Property Type";
  3. Type Lunenburg in "Locality"; and
  4. Select "View Results".
This will allow you to click on each of the sites available in Lunenburg and obtain more information.